Our software relies typically on three components. At the center of all of this is the client software that resides on a host computer. This software takes what information it receives from various controllers and devices and translates it into useable commands. One of the spokes of this wheel is the user interface that resides on your iDevice. For our first generation of our panels, we are leveraging existing applications for the control interface. The interface communicates directly to our client software. The other spokes of the wheel are the things that we are controlling. Whether it is software, hardware or otherwise, the client is what is communicating with it.

Our current generation of user interfaces for iDevices requires a one time expense of $4.99 at the app store for the panel software.

The host software that resides on you host computer is provided in your package. If you require MIDI output, you may need to install a MIDI routing program depending on your interface requirements. There are several available for each platform for free that do the job well.

Some panel applications require MIDI hardware to work with your external hardware. Please see the additional hardware information page for more info.

Please see the details for each panel and host configuration on it’s product page. Some clients are operating system specific.


this applies to all control products

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