Our products currently require a PC or Macintosh host computer to run the host client software. Most computers made in the last 5 years should work fine. Each product may be specific to a platform. Be sure to read the additional requirements section carefully.


To get MIDI in and out of your computer you will need a MIDI interface. We typically test with a M-Audio UNO but any MIDI device should work.

M-Audio USB Midisport Uno MIDI Interface


Any generation of iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone running the latest firmware should work. We make no warrantee that a “Jailbroken” device will work. Any size or configuration should play fine.


You will need a WiFi network between your iDevice and your computer. It is critical you are using a reliable network.


We would be happy to put together a package of iDevices, MIDI, and network products to best fit your situation. Please contact us for more information.


this applies to all control products

Additional Software Information

The Latest Panels