Developed by people that actually use the stuff, these panels help you to get the job done.

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Put the tools you use most at your fingertips so you can get your job done faster and better letting you get on with more important things.

We are constantly developing panels for all sorts of the different hardware and software. If you don’t see a solution for a common problem and would like us to work on it, or if you think a little tweak to one of our existing interfaces would make all the difference, please let us know.

We are constantly striving to find the best way to get the job done. Any pre-packaged panels you purchase will come with free sub-version updates.


custom control products

Let’s say you are running a trade show booth at a convention hall or a breakout room in a hotel. If you want to give your client control over the microphone and music levels, or allow them to switch between a source and logo without them having to stand in front of an intimidating pile of equipment, you can hand them an iDevice connected over WiFi and everything they need is presented in a easy, intuitive remote. With only the controls they need and nothing they don’t, the opportunity for wrong moves to the larger system is eliminated.

Let us work with you to find answers to how you can make your client experience impressive and not frustrating.

“...everything they need 
and nothing they don’t.”

Check out some of our past work here and then get in contact with us so we can begin to work together to solve your biggest challenges.

Our tools can speak MIDI, Keyboard and Mouse commands, AppleScript, Telnet, command line and many other commands. We can generate video, sounds, time code, DMX and more. The real question becomes, “What are you looking to do?”.


About our Products

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Turn the intimidating and complicated world of controlling audio visual equipment into impressive and effortless through the use of affordable, commonplace hardware and custom developed back end software to integrate the key controls you and your clients need to get the job done.

The Latest Panels

Remote control surfaces have been around for many years. Most of them are not cost effective due to programming labor costs and the excessive expense of the hardware. Here at Greater Than, we develop simple control systems that run on affordable, ubiquitous hardware, Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and now the iPad.

Our packages bring efficiency, unity and simplicity to complex setups. We aim to provide only the controls you need and nothing you don’t.

We offer pre-packaged solutions that will give you control of the hardware and software parameters you need to complete normal tasks. Our pre-packaged systems were developed with industry leading engineers and operators to include only the most necessary features and controls focus into a set of tools to accomplish a specific task that make the job easier, not harder. These packages contain the interface designs, translation software and hardware configuration files coupled with step-by-step instructions on how to implement it all into your world.

We also offer custom solutions. If you find something you want to add to the interface or want us to develop an interface specific to your application, get in touch and we will discuss how we can work together to solve your challenges. See some of our custom control images in our custom panel gallery.