PlaybackControl for QLab

Remotely trigger your cue lists from your iDevice!store/Entries/2010/5/29_PlaybackControl_for_QLab.html


PlaybackControl        for SFX

Show control, effects playback and more over
Custom Control

What do your fingers want to control today?products.html
01v96 Control

Tweak the mix from your iPad. Great for clients!store/Entries/2010/5/27_01v96_MIX_Control.html

clean. simple. focused.

Remote control your audio visual hardware and software with your iPhone, iPad or iTouch.


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Here at Greater Than Control, we have decided to make all of our existing products free and we are moving our resources to other fun and interesting projects. We thank all of our customers and supporters who over the years helped us to make some pretty great tools.

We will continue to make specific tools for clients and projects however the utilities and tools for Yamaha consoles and older versions of QLab no longer continue to be a viable project.

If you are interested in any of the source code or in picking up where we left off, please let us know. We believe knowledge is not a one way street and if we can be of help on your project, feel free to ask.

For more information on what else we do please head over to our parent company, Greater Than Designs, Inc.